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This is a stunning piece that will elevate any space, a fine quality brand new handmade Turkish Oushak rug with spectacular tribal details and elegant colors.  The full pile can withstand high traffic and will last generations.  The classic geometric medallion design with an open field is based on antique Persian Heriz rug patterns that date back over a century.  The prominent central medallion is the floral heart of the rug, bursting against the Tiffany blue backdrop that covers the rug's entire field.  The central flower is hand-knotted in black, mauve, camel, white, cranberry, dusty and khaki, all colors made from natural dyes.  These are the colors that create the delicate and elegant tribal flower and vine designs that radiate from the medallion in perfect symmetry.  The white frame and corners lighten and brighten the rug and draw your eye to the dramatic black border with its own larger tribal floral and vine motif in the same colors of the rug. This is in turn edged by a thin white row with tiny flowers in a garland before the last black edge.  This rug is a knockout, and a true statement piece while still having a neutral elegance.  Size: 7'9"x10'2"

Turkish Oushak, Heriz Design

SKU: 2919
  • Within 14 days of receiving your rug, we will give you a full refund, provided that you give us in this time period, (i) a tracking number for the return, (ii) pay for return shipping, and (iii) ensure the rug is in the same condition as when received.

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