This stunning circular rug is a brand new rug made of 100% bamboo silk.  The allover pictorial design of a hunting scene is based on antique chinoiserie rug designs. This rug is made in the US using a power loom to create extremely fine knots for vivid details.  Made of bamboo silk, this rug has a beautiful sheen to it and is soft to the touch. The hunting scene is artfully woven of hunters in traditional dress on horseback hunting lions and deer, arching their bows and arrows, leaping over flowers and bushes in the forest.  The stunning shade of sapphire blue for the backdrop is what makes this rug really spectacular. It is an ocean blue that glimmers and shifts in the light, much like the sea itself. The details are knotted in ivory, sand, gold, pale sky blue, ballet slipper pink, burgundy, silver, olive, moss, walnut, cranberry and countless other elegant, neutral shades. The border is an even more elegant part of the rug's design - an ecru collar with highly detailed traditional floral and vine motifs in a baroque style. The same colors are used, with an emphasis on gold, sand, ivory and pink. This is framed by a final layer of sapphire with a border of tiny colorful flowers before the ivory silk fringe.  This is a very special rug that will transform any space.  

Size: 6'6" Round

Silk Pictorial Round

SKU: 1854
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