Handmade vintage Persian Tabriz  in mint condition from the 1970s with a sturdy weave and full pile that can withstand high traffic and will last generations.  This tribal and floral medallion design has intricate details in a unique and beautiful array of colors, all made from only vegetable and other natural dyes.  The concentric borders lead to a large tribal central medallion with detailed geometric floral motifs throughout all of the layers.  The rug is a beautiful shade of strawberry red and the central medallion and border are an elegant shade of purple, close to heather or lavender, framed by ribbons of goldenrod.  Every section is covered in hand-knotted dazzling floral and tribal details in teal, burnt orange, copper, gold, silver, emerald, mint green, pink, boysenberry, lemon, and countless other unique hues.   Size: 6'10"x9'7"

Persian Tabriz

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