This is a charming and truly unique handmade Persian Shiraz Qashqai vintage collectible piece.  This rug was hand-knotted as a saddle bag and its versatile design can be used as a small accent rug, stuffed and used as a pillow case or seat cushion, hung on a wall or draped over a couch as a tapestry.   The tribal and geometric design has intricate and whimsical details that resemble exotic animals or natural elements such as mountains and lakes.  A bright strawberry red is the primary color of the rug, and its back is a solid red with a decorative ivory fringe.  Brilliant azure blue, sapphire, teal, burgundy, orange and white are used to weave the beautiful details, including a wonderful flower border in these stunning colors on an ivory ribbon. All colors are made from only vegetable and other natural dyes. The final border of the saddle bag is a series of linear designs in brilliant colors, ending in charming braided long pieces of fringe that hang from the top of the saddle bag on either side, like bright tassels. The interior of the bag has thick black and white loops sewn in that are decorative and also functional for hanging as a tapestry.  This unique piece is irregular in shape though it is in perfect condition and can be used in a variety of ways. It is incredibly sturdy with a dense full pile that is great for high traffic and will last generations.  

Size: 2'5"x3'1"  

Persian Shiraz Qashqai Saddle Bag

SKU: 2125
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