This is a vibrant vintage handmade fine quality Persian Sarough Mahal runner with a rich, beautiful colorway.  Hand-knotted in the 1970s, this runner is in mint condition with a thick, dense pile and fine quality wool that is great for high traffic areas and will last generations. The repeating tribal floral and vine motifs with intricate geometric patterns creates an elegant allover design that is framed by borders of delicate floral motifs.  The backdrop is a unique shade of blueberry with accents in coral, white, ballet slipper pink, teal, peach, watermelon pink, sky blue, turquoise, walnut and countless other colors.  The corners are a rich fruit punch, framed by white and green. All colors are made from only vegetable and other natural dyes.   Size: 3'5"x10'1"

Persian Sarough Mahal Runner

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