This vintage handmade Persian Sarough accent rug is a very fine quality small piece and a hard-to-find size that can enliven any space or serve as a very special gift.  The high quality wool is soft and supple underfoot and the fine craftsmanship makes for a sturdy rug that can withstand high traffic and will continue to last for generations. A central medallion is the focal point of the rug with a shell pink, olive green, fruit punch and royal blue flower adorned with floral details in azure blue, white and grass green.  This is surrounded by a rich royal blue carpet full of flowers and bouquets in these same colors, arranged symmetrically throughout the blue field and finished with a crimson border of charming flowers on the vine.   All colors are made with only vegetable and other natural dyes.  This rug has a traditional oriental rug pattern that is a timeless classic. It can withstand high traffic areas and will last generations.  Size: 2'x3'6" 

Persian Sarough

SKU: 2224
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