This is a rare find and a true collector's piece . It is an antique open field palace size Persian Kashan, handmade in the 1920s of the finest quality and in mint condition.  Hand-knotted over 100 years ago by master weavers, this rug is made from Manchester Wool, also known as 'kork', the highest quality wool that comes from the softest parts of the lamb. It is so fine it has a sheen to it, like silk.  This masterpiece is handmade with superior craftsmanship, a high knot count (or KPSI, knots per square inch) for the most precise details, and only vegetable and other natural dyes. The traditional floral and medallion design is exquisitely woven in intricate details by hand on a true red open field background with the most spectacular medallion that covers almost the length of the open field.   The medallion is like a delicate flower unfolding in layers, from the first set of sapphire petals to salmon, azure blue, ivory and midnight blue. Within each of these layers are the finest of small flowers and floral and vine motifs, adding coral, gold, grass green, shell pink, camel, white, orange, cranberry and countless other colors to the design.  The intricacies are staggering, equally so in the elegant corners and border, where the flowers and vines continue in larger sizes, dancing in ribbons around the frame of midnight blue. This rug was likely woven for aristocracy and could have easily been made for a palace.  Size:  10'7"x16'6" 

Persian Kashan

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