This is a rare find - a spectacular palace size antique Perisan Heriz in mint condition with intricate geometric details and brilliant colors. This rug was handmade in the 1960's in a classic geometric design with a prominent central medallion that is a hallmark of Heriz rugs.  A sapphire center leads to a lush carpet of crimson, surrounded by white corners that lighten and brighten the rug, all bordered by midnight blue.  What brings this rug to life is the incredible array of intricate details and the remarkable colors that harmonize so beautifully throughout. Each layer is resplendent with vivid jewel tones that dance in tribal patterns and intricate geometric motifs. The stunning medallion is sapphire, shell pink, coral, khaki, midnight blue, rich burgundy and bright white.  This transitions to the next layer, the crimson backdrop, which adds more shades of blue to the motifs, such as azure and indigo.  The white corners perhaps show off the beautiful colors best, before the final midnight blue border with its own unique larger format geometric/floral motifs in the same brilliant colors, all made from only vegetable and other natural dyes.  Great for high traffic, this rug has a very soft and full, sturdy pile that is soft underfoot and will last generations.  NOTE: the rug was too large for our living room, so you'll note in the last photo we folded it over a bit. It is perfectly symmetrical and we are happy to open it for you if you are interested.  We also have a video we can show you. Size: 11'7"x19'7"

Persian Heriz

SKU: 1873
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