This is a handmade brand new Persian Gabbeh runner with an intricate colorful striped design that is actually made up of individual colorful knots. This is a fine quality rug with a sturdy thick pile that can withstand high traffic and will last generations.  It is a very contemporary design of seemingly blue stripes on a golden ivory backdrop.  Upon further inspection, the stripes are made of intricately changing colors in fine knots that resemble polka dots.  Much like a pointillist painting, the colors become more apparent as you get closer to the rug - gold and yellow, along with ivory, khaki and taupe make up the lighter stripes, while royal blue and bright red make up the darker stripes. In one section, there is a horizontal stripe of lighter blue, which is made up of sky blue, turquoise, white and silver. All of the colors are made from only vegetable and other natural dyes.  Size: 2'8"x7'9" 

Persian Gabbeh Runner

SKU: 2215
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