This is a handmade brand new vibrant Persian Gabbeh, a tribal and geometric rug that bursts with cheer and color.  Perfect for kitchen and dining areas, family rooms and children's rooms, this rug is great for high traffic and super soft and thick underfoot.  It will last generations.  This is a fine quality rug, made with high quality wool and excellent craftsmanship.  The bold and playful striped color block design is artfully hand-knotted in brilliant and vibrant rainbow colors, all made from only vegetable and other natural dyes, framed by a bright silvery white.  The colors slowly transition from one to the next, creating a beautiful ombre-like effect: sapphire to lapis to indigo blue, followed by ruby to cherry to strawberry, burgundy, orange to lemon yellow, grass green to light heather gray-blue, and back again to sapphire and red. Charming tiny animal figures, along with playful and tribal motifs and designs are hand-knotted throughout the rug in the same array of bold colors.  Size: 5'9"x7'9" 

Persian Gabbeh

SKU: 2066
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