A top quality collector's piece, this vintage Persian Esefehan tapestry is handmade of the finest silk and wool with a very high knot count or KPSI (knots per square inch) and superb craftsmanship. The tapestry's exquisitely detailed romantic scene is part of a tradition in Persian rug design that dates back to the 1400s.  Often made by hand for royalty or aristocracy, these scenes are illustrations often inspired by famous poetry.  Highly sought after pieces, tapestries like this are spectacular and elegant additions to any room and can be hung on a wall, framed, draped over a couch or chair or even placed on the floor in a special spot.  Handmade in the 1960s, this piece is in mint condition. Note the incredible pictorial imagery of a man being doted upon by two women with long flowing hair, employing fruit, wine and dance to romance the gentleman.  From the small birds and clouds in the air to the details and folds of the clothing, every inch of this piece is knotted with care and tells a story in such fine detail that it appears to be painted or drawn.  The expressive faces, the colorful traditional clothing, the exquisite and unique flower and bird border are just some of the gems of this piece. The story unfolds  in elegant and rich colors, all made from only vegetable and other natural dyes. Sapphire, hunter green, turquoise, lavender, crimson, teal, eggplant, moss green, silver and countless other colors create this beautiful scene.  Size: 2'3"x3'5"

Persian Esefehan Pictorial Tapestry

SKU: 2170
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