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Yellow Flowers

A top quality collector's piece, this antique Persian Esefehan is handmade of the finest wool with a high knot count or KPSI (knots per square inch) and superb craftsmanship.  The rug's exquisitely detailed hunting scene is part of a tradition in Persian rug design that dates back to the 1400s.  Often made by hand for royalty or aristocracy, these hunting scenes are highly sought after pieces. Handmade in the 1960s, this rug would make for a stunning tapestry/wall hanging or a striking accent rug. Note the incredible pictorial images of wild animals being chased by hunters on horseback. From deer to rabbits, wild boar to exotic birds, each animal is in motion and hand-knotted in such fine detail that it appears to be painted or drawn. The hunters have such expressive faces and colorful traditional clothing. The ivory backdrop is the perfect setting for this story to unfold in elegant and rich colors, all made from only vegetable and other natural dyes. Sapphire, midnight blue, azure blue, moss, hunter green, taupe, camel, cranberry, burnt orange, chocolate, oxblood, dusty rose and countless other colors create this beautiful scene.  Size: 5'2"x7'9"

Persian Esefehan

SKU: 1610
  • Within 14 days of receiving your rug, we will give you a full refund, provided that you give us in this time period, (i) a tracking number for the return, (ii) pay for return shipping, and (iii) ensure the rug is in the same condition as when received.

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