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This elegant Persian Esefehan is made with a silk foundation to create a silken wool rug.  The silk, combined with the high quality Manchester wool, otherwise known as "kork", makes for an extremely soft, velvety feel. The rug has been signed by a master weaver, as evidenced in the photo showing the weaver's name in Farsi.  This is truly a masterpiece of floral design in shades of blue, yellow, pink and ivory, all woven using only natural and vegetable dyes.  This rug has a very high KPSI (knots per square inch), as evidenced in the tight knots that make even the back of the rug look beautiful (see photo).  Size: 8'3"x11'10"

Persian Esefehan

SKU: 511
  • Within 14 days of receiving your rug, we will give you a full refund, provided that you give us in this time period, (i) a tracking number for the return, (ii) pay for return shipping, and (iii) ensure the Rug is in the same condition as when received.

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