This is a very high quality antique Persian Bidjar, made with fine quality wool, a high double-knot count and masterful craftsmanship. This rug was hand-knotted in the 1950s and is in truly mint condition. Bidjars are known as "iron rugs" for their dense pile and thickness that can withstand high traffic and will last generations. This is a classic Bidjar 'fish design' rug, in which the small curled motifs throughout are meant to represent fish. Thes intricate repeating details fall within a larger tribal and geometric design. What is so unique and magnificent about this rug is the color palette - lush crimson, turquoise and midnight blue form the backdrops for the endless color combinations of sapphire, pink, rose, orange, hunter green, olive green and countless others. All made from only vegetable and other natural dyes. Size: 10'x13'8"



Persian Bidjar

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