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Yellow Flowers

This is an extremely fine quality and unique vintage handmade Persian Bidjar rug that can also be used as a large "gallery size" runner. It is bright and colorful, thick and soft, full of charming tribal motifs and handmade with fine quality wool.  It is a versatile size that is great for foyers, bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens and offices - anywhere with high traffic. It will stand the test of time and continue to last generations. Hand-knotted by expert tribal village weavers, this rug is in mint condition and made with superior craftsmanship.  The fine wool has a lustrous quality to it, and the dyes are all made from vegetables or other natural sources.  There are two large geometric red medallions in the center of the rug, resting on a dramatic black backdrop.  The medallions and the black open field are full of colorful small pinwheel-like flowers in shades of pink, burgundy, coral, gray and white. These are nested in a midnight blue rectangles within the red medallions, along with intriguing emerald green designs that repeat throughout.  The black open field has charming small exotic birds in all of the rug's accent colors, and there are two yellow architectural motifs on either end of the rug, each one with colorful adornments.  A thin row of taupe with charming small flowers on the vine begins the series of borders, followed by thick red row with tribal motifs that resemble flowers and vines, alternating with geometric paisleys, known as botehs.  The final border layer is midnight blue with a garland of tiny colorful flowers, edged with black and white polka dots. The whimsical and colorful designs sprinkled throughout the rug make it cheerful and charming. It is a very unique and fine rug that is sure to make a statement.  Size: 5'x10'4"

Persian Bidjar

SKU: 2554
  • Within 14 days of receiving your rug, we will give you a full refund, provided that you give us in this time period, (i) a tracking number for the return, (ii) pay for return shipping, and (iii) ensure the rug is in the same condition as when received.

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