Handmade antique Persian Bidjar from the 1920s and in mint condition.  This rug has a uniquely floral border for a Bidjar, with intricate designs in yellows and rose, blues and greens.  The rug has an extremely high kpsi (knots per square inch), and is woven of the highest quality Manchester wool (also known as 'kork').  This is still a sturdy rug, despite its age, with a lush 'fish design' in ivory, rose and midnight blue with countless colors and intricate motifs woven throughout.  Colors made from only vegetable and other natural dyes.  Size: 6'8"x10'5"

Persian Bidjar

SKU: 370
  • Within 14 days of receiving your rug, we will give you a full refund, provided that you give us in this time period, (i) a tracking number for the return, (ii) pay for return shipping, and (iii) ensure the Rug is in the same condition as when received.

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