This is a unique vintage handmade Persian Baluch accent rug or tapestry/wall hanging. It can also be used to drape over a couch or chair.  This is a fine quality rug, made with quality wool that has a soft and sturdy pile.  Great for high traffic, this rug will continue to last generations. The tribal pictorial design of a woman carrying an urn of water is hand-knotted in brilliant colors with intricate details.   The colors are made from vegetable and other natural dyes -- cherry red, emerald green, sapphire and sky blue, orange, copper, burgundy, pink and other vibrant colors.  These colorful details of her garments harmonize beautifully with the flowers surrounding her - large and bold flowers on the vine frame her body, along with beautiful green and red birds above her head.   All of these details rest on an ivory background, surrounded by an amazing frame of intricate repeating geometric motifs that seem to vibrate with energy and color. Red with small burgundy and blue motifs leads to green and copper diamonds above an amazing array of tribal designs in fine details. This rug has slight color running around a few of the flowers on the ivory backdrop (see last photo for close up).  It is because of this light distress that this unique and colorful piece is on sale for a great price!  Size: 2'11"x5'10"

Persian Baluch, Pictorial, Light Distress

SKU: 2083
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